Premier League season is here!!!

August 14, 2017

Good day all,


The Premier League season has started again with a bang and here is your chance to be in the lime light on the soccer pitch!


The Hotel and Catering Cup is on the horizon and this is a chance to make our own Concierge team or encourage your hotel to get a team together!


Please see below the link to register your hotel:

Event Registration | CC Festivals

CC Festivals. 231-237 Shepherds Bush Road Hammersmith London W6 7AN © CC Festivals 2017 Company No: Reg. No. 04010614 Registered Address: PJ search & selection Ltd …

If you are willing and good enough to play for the Golden Keys team, please send your names and preferred position to the undersigned and The President. As with our profession, please make sure that you put your best foot forward –  literally, and do the job with the all the passion and dedication we are known for.


Happy kicking!!!!!!