UICH trainer for the Western zone – Alan Grimes

July 10, 2017

Some more great news to brighten up our Monday!

Mr. Alan Grimes, The Chief Concierge at The Cameron House on Loch Lomond, Scotland has been appointed as a Trainer for UICH Western Zone.

This is indeed a proud occasion not only for his hotel and Scotland but for the entire GB Section.

Mr. Grimes is the founding Chairman of the Scottish Golden Keys and has also recently qualified as a group trainer. He has written and implemented an ongoing set of “5 Star Positive language workshops” at Cameron House. They have made an immediate impact and they are already reaping rewards, especially in the teams performance and confidence levels and of course our guest experience.

He has also been instrumental in launching an exciting seminar “Concierge apprenticeship scheme”, where he personally mentors a young person over 3 years to eventually become a “Golden Keys Concierge”. More importantly that person will receive fantastic training at the highest level of hospitality.

We wish him all the luck and all our support in this new challenge.