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Membership Requirements

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Membership of the Society is limited to uniformed concierges serving in hotels of an acceptable standard. Applicants must have five years service as a Concierge and be supported by two members of the Society. Candidates are interviewed by members of the Committee to assess their competence, also their suitability.

If you satisfy the above criteria and would like to become a member, please download the Application Form (PDF Format) below.

Once you have completed the Application Form please return it, along with the following:

  • A Passport Photograph;
  • Your Job Description;
  • A letter of Recommendation from the Proposer;
  • A letter from all the personnel departments with confirmation of employment and dates
  • A full A4 page answering the questions “Why you became Concierge” and “Why do you wish to join the Society”;
  • Payment to be submitted by Bank Transfer once the applicant has been accepted as Member;
  • Both personnel and your hotel Concierge Desk email address; and your Telephone Number, to:
Sahil Suri 

The Berkeley Hotel 
Wilton Place, London SW1X 7RL

[email protected]

Professional Affiliate membership to the Golden Keys

Please include with your application two letters from industry references, one from active Golden Keys Member and one from Business Affiliate Member.

Once you have completed the Application Form please return it to:

Sahil Suri 

The Berkeley Hotel 
Wilton Place, London SW1X 7RL

[email protected]

Business Affiliate membership to the Golden Keys

Business Affiliate Membership is a unique opportunity for companies wishing to work in partnership with the concierge of many of the Leading hotels.
Hotel guests trust their Concierge to guide their decisions and signpost them to all sorts of products, services and requirements. It is essential therefore that the Concierges stay abreast of current trends. This is one area in which Associate Members are invaluable to The Society.

The Business Affiliate Members of our society represent companies who want to promote their services by developing a close business partnership with the concierge.

They are an exclusive group of well-established, sound and professional businesses, carefully selected for being outstanding in their field. There is a strict selection process requiring a minimum trading period of five years, any proposed membership is announced at the Concierge meeting. The application, once successful, is then announced at the next General Meeting. Membership fees to be discussed on application.

To apply for Business Affiliate membership you must have a minimum of five years trading in the UK and two industry references from active golden keys concierge or associate members

Benefits of Business Affiliate Membership

  • Unrivalled access to 350 of the country’s top Concierges nationwide and the opportunity to build business relationships with them
  • Membership of an exclusive group of over 100 organisations providing services to hotel guests and visitors to this country
  • Opportunities to network with this exclusive group
  • Participation in the monthly ‘get together’ of Members and Business Affiliate Members, followed by the formal Business Affiliate Members’ meeting
  • An opportunity to ‘sponsor’ the bar at the monthly meeting
  • Updated lists of Members and Business Affiliate Members
  • Invitations to social events during the year, including the Gala Dinner and the Anniversary Cocktail Party, giving access not only to the Concierges and other Business Affiliate Members, but also to many prominent figures in the hotel industry
  • The opportunity to invite and entertain the Concierges to ‘presentation’ evenings to keep them abreast of products and services
  • Acknowledgement of Business Affiliate Members’ association with The Golden Keys could enhance the ‘cachet’ of the business
Petar Yordanov 

Intercontinental Park Lane  
One Hamilton Place Park Lane, London W1J 7QY

[email protected]